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YA Book Blogger List

YA Book Blogger List

☮ ❤ & YA 
001 Tumbling Books
21st Century Once Upon a Time's
365 Days of Reading

Absolute Forest of Words
Absolutely Obsessed
Abundance of Books, An
Actin' Up with Books
Addicted 2 Novels
Addicted To Novels

Adrienne's Book Reviews
Adventures in Biblioland
Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia
After the Last Page
Aine's Realm
Ali's Bookshelf
Alice in Readerland
Alisia Leavitt
Alisha's World Of Books
Alison Can Read
Along For The Ride
Always Dreaming
Always Lost in Stories
All About the Word Play
All Things Young Adult
All-Consuming Books, Reviews by Tiger
Allure of Books
Almost Grown-up
ALPHA reader
Always YA at Heart 
Alyssa's Bookshelf
Amanda's Writings
Amaterasu Reads
Amber's Teen Reads 
Ami Blackwelder's Novels
Amusing Mother
Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction
An Addicted Book Reader
Anfractuous Bookaholic
Anna Reads
Annie in Wonderland
Annaleese's Book Addiction
Anonymous Reads
Another Book
Another Book Junkie
AnimeGirl's Bookshelf
As These Pages Fly
Ashley Loves Books
Ashley Suzanne 
Athena's YA Book Reviews
Attack of the Book
Attic, The
Audiobook Angel, The
Aurelia Lit
Aussie Book Shack
Avery's Book Nook
Awesome Bookworm 

B.A.M. Book Reviews
Backwards Story, A 
Badass Bookie
Baffling, Bonkers, and Brilliant Books! 
Banana Pirata
Bart's Bookshelf
Basically Bookworm
Battalion of Words, A
Beastie Books
Beautiful Madness, A
Beauty and the Armageddon
Becky's Barmy Book Blog 
Becky's Book Reviews
Been There, Read That
Been There, Read That 
Behind A Million And One Pages
Belle of the Library
Beneath Shining Stars, I Read
Beneath the Moon and Stars
Beneath the Jacket
Between the Bookcovers
Best of YA
Best Way Out is Through, The
Beth Fish Reads
Bethany Book Blog
Bewitched Bookworms
Bewitching Books 
Beyond Books
Bibliophile Brouhaha
Bibliophile Support Group
Bibliophile's Diary, A
Bibliophilia: A Love Story
Bibliophilia - Maggie's Bookshelf
Bibliophilic Book Blog, The
biblioteca reviews
Big Book Little Book Review
Bittersweet Enchantment
Black and Blue Ink
Black Nailed Reviews
Blkosiner's Book Blog
Blog About Nothing, A
[Bloggers [[heart]] Books]
Bloody Bookaholic
BLT: Books and Literature for Teens
Blythes & Books: Battling Boredom!
Bodacious Pen, The
Book A Day, A
Book Addict
Book Addict PNR
Book Addictions by Christina
Book Angel
Book Angel Booktopia 
Book Babe, The
Book Babes, The 
Book Basement, The
Book Bind, The
Book Briefs
Book Bubble, The
Book Butterfly, The
Book Buzz, The
Book Cellar, The
Book Chic
Book Chic- In My Mailbox and More
Book Craze
Book Crumbs
Book Diva's Blog
Book 'Em! The Adventures of a Wannabe Librarian
Book Fairy's Haven, The
Book Filled Blog
Book Fly, The
Books for YAs
Book Garden, The
Book Ge3k
Book Geek, The
Book Geek Reviews
Book Girl, The 
Book Harbinger
Book Haven 
Book Haven Extraordinaire
Book Heist, The
Book Heroine, The
Book Hookup, The 
Book In My Hand, The
Book Infinity
Book Journal
Book Junkies
Book Labyrinth
Book Life, The
Book Lungs 
Book Memoirs, The 
Book Mermaid, The
Book Muncher, The
Book Mystress, The
Book Nerds Across America
Book Nook Girl
Book Nuts Unite
Book Nymph, The
Book Parade
Book Pixie, The
Book Rants
Book Rat, The 
Book Reaper
Book Reviews by Reading It All
Book Reviews Centre 
Book Sake
Book Scoop, The
Book Scout, The
Book Shop Assistant, The
Book Sisterhood, The
Book Spot, The
Book Stacks On Deck
Book Swarm, The
Book Talk
Book Twirps
Book Upon Book  
Book Vacation, A
Book Whales YA book reviews
Book Witch, The
Book Worm Reviews
Book Worms, The
Book Zone (For Boys)
Books 4 Teens
BookAHolic Anonymous 
Bookaholic Lis
Bookalicious Ramblings
BookBandit, The 
Bookette, The
Bookie Monster, The
Bookish Blather
Bookish Type, The
BookLover's Diary, A
Bookologist, The
Books: A Love Story
Books: windows on the emotions 
Books According to Deb
Books Ahoy
Books and a Cup of Tea
Books And Beyond
Books and Threads
Books are a Girl's Best Friend
Books are Better Than Ice Cream
Books are like People
Books Are Magic
Books Are Vital
Books By Their Cover
Books, College, and Random Things 
Books For All Seasons
Books for Bears
Books for Company
Books for Teens
books from a shelf
Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing 
Books From Mars
Books Glorious Books
Books In Transit
Books in the Spotlight
Books Like Stars
Books Make Great Lovers
Books of Amanda Land
Books of Amber
Books out the Juaxoo
Books Over Boys
Books, Sweets and Other Treats
Books that Heal Kids
Books That Spark
Books with Bite
Books, books galore
Books, Writing, and More
BookSaur RAWR
Bookscape Report, The
Bookshelf, The
Bookshelf Lust 
Bookshelves and Blank Spaces
Bookshelves of Doom
BookStalker, The 
Bookster Reviews
Bookworm Blogger
Bookworm Extraordinaire
Bookworm is Here, The!
Bookworm Readers
BookWorming in the 21st Century
Bookworms Realm
Bored Books
Bornean Bookworm, The 
Boys on My Bookshelf
Braintasia Books
Breaking the Bookshelf
Bree's Books
Bri Meets Books
Bright Wishes Book Reviews
Brittany's Fantasy
Brooke's Box of Books
Brush Up On Your Reading 
Bubble Gum Book Reviews 
Bucket List, The 
Building a Library 
Bumbles and Fairy-Tales
Bundles Of Books
Buried in Books
Buried in Books
Burnt Pages
Busy Bibliophile, The
But What Are They Eating?
Butterfly Feet Walking on Books
By Flashlight

Calcutt Library Happenings
Camisado Mind
Capslock Book Reviews
Captivated Reading
Cari's Book Blog
Carly Reads for TBF!
Casa de Los Nerds
Casual Reader, A 
Chachic's Book Nook
Challenging the Bookworm Blog
Chapter by Chapter
Charlotte's Library
Charming Chelsey's
Chasing Empty Pavements
Cheap Reader, The
Cheezyfeet Books
Chey Show, The
Chick Lit Teens
Chick Loves Lit
Children's War, The
Christi the Teen Librarian
Christina Reads YA 
Cicely Loves Books
Claire Reads
Clean Teen Fiction
Clock Monkey, The
Clover Hill Book Reviews
Coffee Talk
Colleen's Shelf Life 
ComaCalm's Corner 
Coming of Age Books
Compulsive Reader, The
Concord Carlisle Young Adult Galley
Confessions of a Bibliovore
Confessions of a Book Addict 
Confessions of a Bookaholic
Confessions of a Bookaholic 
Confessions of a Readaholic
Consumed by Books
Consumption of Books
Cornucopia of Reviews
Cosy Books 
Cotton Candy Reviews
Courtney Reads
Courtney's Book Nook  
[Cover to Cover]
Cover to Cover
Cozy Armchair, The
Cozy Reading Corner, The
Cracking the Cover 
Crazy Bookworm, The
Crazy Quilts
Creativity's Corner
Crescive Library, The
Critiquing Critica, The
Crooked Shelf, The 
Crooked Word, The
crunchings & munchings 
CubicleBlindness Book Reviews
Cuddle With This Book
Cup of Tea Reviews
Cupcake and A Latte, A 
Curled up with Books

Daisy Chain Book Reviews
Dahlia's Eclectic Mind
Dana Does Read
Dana's YA Book Pile 
Darkly Honest
Dawn Kurtagich
Dawn of the Books
Dead Girl Blogs 
Dealings of a Book Junkie
Dear Book
Dearest Dreams
Death Books and Tea  
Debbie's World of Books
Debz Bookshelf
DeRaps Reads
Diary of a Bookworm, The 
Digesting the Words
DJ's Life in Fiction
Dog-eared and Well-read
Down The Rabbit Hole
Dragons Who Read
Dream of Books, A
Dream Within A Dream, A
Dreaming by Day
Dreaming In The Pages
Dreaming Of Books
Dystopian Desserts

Eating YA Books
Edifying & Edgy
Electrical Book Cafe, The
Elena's Book Cafe
Elliott Review, The 
Eleusinian Mysteries
Emilie's Book World
Emily Reads (A Lot!)
Emily's Reading Room
Empire of Books
Ems Book Nook
Ending Unplanned
Entre Libros
Epic Book Nerd 
Escape Through the Pages
Escape to Wonderland
Escapism Project
Esther's Ever After
Evergreen Junior High Library
Everlasting Enchantments
Everything to do with Books
Excellent Reads
Ezine of A Random Girl

Fabbity Fab Book Reviews
Fable Faerie, The 
Fabulous Gift of Life, The
Faery Tale Addict
Fairytale Nerd, The
Fall Into Books
Falling For Books
Fanatics Book Blog, A
Fans of Fiction
Fantastic Book Review
Fantastic Finds 
Fantasy's Ink
Fay-Bay's Books
Fiction Fairy, The
Fiction Fascination
Fiction Folio
Fiction Spark
Fictional Fantasy 
Fictitious Chronicles
Fire and Ice
Firefly Book Loft, The
Fireworks and Daisies
First Novels Club, The
Five Alarm Book Reviews
Fivezenses of Reading
Flippin' Fabulous- A Reader's Record
Flipping Bookworm, The
Flipping Pages For All Ages
Flipping Through The Pages... 
Flit Lit
Fluttering Butterflies
Flyleaf Review, The
Following The Reader
Foodie Bibliophile in Wanderlust, A
For The Love of Reading
For The Love of YA
For Those About to Read... 
Forever Lost in Books
Forever Reading
Forever Young Adult
Fourth Musketeer, The
Fragments Of Life
Frazzled Book Nommer
Free Book Reviews
Frenetic Reader
Frenzy of Noise
Fresh Dawgs' Book Blog
Friend With Chocolate, A
From a Book Lover
From The Bookshelf of T.B.
From Y to A 

Gardening Literature 
Geek Girl's Book Blog
Geeks & Books 
Geeky Beach Babe, The
Geeky Reads
Getting Lost in Words
Gilbert & Gomez 
GingerRead Reviews
Girl About Books
girl loves books
Girls In The
Girls Without a Bookshelf
Glass of Wine, A
Glitter Lit
Gripped Into Books 
Gobs and Gobs of Books
Goddess Librarian 
Good Book and the Random Movie
Good Books For Kids
Good Addiction, A
Good Golly Miss Molly
Grammarian's Reviews, The
Graveyard Library, The
Great Raven, The
Green Bean Teen Queen
Growing Up YA
Guy Gone Geek

Habermann Press, The
Hampton Reviews
Handle Like Hendrix
Happy Nappy Bookseller, The
Hardcover Harlequin, The 
Harley Bear Book Blog
Harmony Book Reviews
Harmony's Radiant Reads
Haunting of Orchid Forsythia, The
Heart Of Dreams, The
Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Book Reviews
Heaven is a Bookstore
He Followed Me Home... Can I Keep Him?
Heise Reads & Recommends
Helen's Book Blog
Her Stardust Soul
Here's to Us
Hey Read This Book
Hey, Teenager of the Year
Hidden Adventures of a Teenage Reader
Hiding in the Stacks
Hiding Spot, The
Hippies, Beauty, and Books.  OH MY!
Holes in My Brain
Hooked on Books
Hooked to Books
Hope, Faith & Books
Hope, Love, and Happy Endings 
How I see it

I Blog, You Read
I Eat Words 
I Heart Books
I Heart Monster
I Heart YA Books
I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read
I Like These Books
I Live in a Fictional World
I Read Banned Books
I Read to Relax!
I Read Therefore I Am
I Swim for Oceans 
I Want to Read That
I Was a Teenage Book Geek
I Write, I Read, I Review
Ian's Realm and More 
IB Book Blogging
IB Teen Blog
Icey Books
Icy Sweetness
I'd So Rather Be Reading
If You Liked That...
iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books
I'm Loving Books - YA Paranormal Book Reviews
Imaginary Reads
Imaginative Adventure: A Young Adult Book Blog
Improbable Fiction, An
In Bed with Books
In Between the Lines
In Between the Pages
In Between Writing and Reading 
In Interest 
In the Best Worlds
In the Closet with a Bibliophile 
In The Good Books
In Which a Girl Reads
Independent Reads
Infinite Booklist, The
Ink, Paper & Imagination
Ink Puddle, The
Ink Scratchers
Inked Books
Inked ON
Inklings Read.
Inside the Mind
Into The Morning Reads
Into the Wardrobe
Irish Banana Review, The
Irresistible Reads
Ivan Bookworm
Ivy's Reads

J'adore Happy Endings
Jagged Edge Reviews 
Jelly Loves Books 
Jessica's Bookshelf
Jillicious Reading 
JJ iReads
Juiciliciousss Reviews
Jump Into Books
Juniper Breeze is Blowing In, The
Just a Book Crazy, Jane Austen Lovin' Gal 
Just a Booklover
Just Another Teenage Bookworm
Just Bookin' Around
Just Blinded Book Reviews
Just One More Chapter
Just Read
Just Your Typical Book Blog
Justin's Book Blog

Kaitlyn in Bookland
Karin's Book Nook
Karla Reads
Kate Hinderer Writes 
Kate's Tales of Books and Bands
Katelyn's Blog 
Katherine Was Thinking 
Kathy's Library
Katie's Book Blog
kayla THE bookworm 
Keep Calm and Kari On
KelseyAnne's Book Blog 
Kid Lit Reviews
Kindle and Me 
Kindling the Fire
Kindred Dreamheart 
Kitty Korner Library
Kitty's Bookshelf 

La Femme Readers
Lady Reader's Bookstuff
Lady Scribble's Book Blog
Laina Has Too Much Spare Time
Larkin's Book Bloggers
Last Word, The
Late Bloomer Online
Lateiner Gang Book Review Spot
Laura's Review Bookshelf
Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf
Lauren Gets Literal 
LC's Adventures in Libraryland
Le' Grande Codex
Le Petit Book Reviews
Le Vanity Victorienne
Leah's YA Bookshelf
Leitora, A
LeseLust & LeseLiebe
Letras y Escenas'
Letters Inside Out
Libraries and Young Adults
Librarian Reads, The
Library in the Tower, The  
Library Lurker, The
Librarykat's World
Libri Dilectio
Libros con alma
Life After Jane
Life After Twilight
Life of Fiction, The 
Life of Literature, A
Lil Red's Hood 
Lilly Road (YA)
Linny's Literature 
Literary Life
Literary Exploration
Literary Obsession
Literature for Lunch
Little Book Blog, The
Little Book Owl 
Little Bookworm, The
Little Library Muse 
Little Shelf of Heaven, A
Little Squeed
Livin' Life Through Books
Living, Loving, Laughing, Reading
Locket Stories
Logan E. Turner
Looksie Lovitz: Books and Wits
Lost Amongst the Shelves
Lost in Stories
Lost in Y.A. Wonderland
Lost in a YA Book 
Lost in the Library
Lost in the Pages
Loud Words & Sounds
Love The Way You Read
Love YA Lit
Lovely Getaway, The
Lovely Lil' Book Worm
Lovely Little Book Blog, A 
Lover of Paranormal and Indies
Loves to Read
Lucid Conspiracy

Madame Bookworm
Maestra Amanda's Bookshelf
Magic Attic, The 
Magic Attic Reviews, The
Magic Bean Review
Magical Books 
Mairi's Library
Makeshift Bookmark
Making the Grade: YA Lit Reviews
Manda's Movements
Manga Maniac Cafe
Manhattan Reader
Maniacal Bookworm, The 
marie LOVES books
Marjolein's Book Blog
Mary Read A Lot (A Book A Day)
Maw Books Blog
мαувє ιtz ℓσνє
Me and the Bookshelf Life
Melissa's Bookshelf
Mera's YA Book List
Merlin, YA Books, and More
Mermaid Vision Books 
Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks
Michelle's Bookshelf
Midnight Bloom Reads
Midnight Bookworm, The 
Midnight Fantasies
Midnight Garden, The : YA Books for Adults
Midnight Glance
Midnight Reader
Midnight Reads
Mile Long Bookshelf, The
Mimi Valentine
Mimosa Stimulus, The
Mind Reading?
Mindful Musings Book Blog
Mint Tea and A Good Book 
Mirrorcle World
Miss Bookiverse
Miss Page-Turner's City of Books
Miss Print
Miss Remmers' Review
Mission to Read
Missy's Reads & Reviews
Mixtures: Books...+
Mod Podge Bookshelf, The
Mode A La Pie
Moirae (the fates)
Mom Reads My Books!
Mon Palais
Monster of Books
Moody Teenager, The 
Moonlight Book Reviews
Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf
More Than Just A Book
Mortal's Library, The
Most Important Letter 
Mostly Reading YA
Mountains of Instead, The
Mr. Book Wonder
Mr. Ripleys Enchanted Books
Mrs. Boswell's Book Bag
Mrs. Librarian Lady
Mrs. K's Bookshelf 
Mrs. V's Reviews
Ms Book Queen
Much Loved Books
Mug of Moxie 
Mulberry St. Blog, The
Mundie Moms
Musings of a Reader Happy
Musing of a YA Reader
Must Love Books 
Must Read Faster
My Book Diaries
My Book Journey
My Favourite Books
My Girl Friday
My Head is Full of Books
My Home Away From Home
My Luv 4 YA Books 
My Not So Vacant Shelf
My Overstuffed Bookshelf
My Pile Of Books
My Reading Frenzy 
My Summer Girl Books
My Words Ate Me
Myriad of Books, A
Mystical Lit. Lounge

Nap. Snack. Read. Three essentials for life.
Narratively Speaking
Narrowing Road, The
Natalie and the Ever-Growing Bookshelf 
Naughty Book Kitties, The 
Nawanda Files
Nazish Reads
Nerd Girl Reads & Writes
Nerds Wife, The
Neverending Fantasy, A
Neverending Shelf, The
New Kind of Ordinary, A 
Nick's Book Blog
Nicole Passante
Nicole's Library
Nicoleslaw00 Book Blog
Night Bookmobile, The
Night Life, The
Night's Dream of Books, A
Niki's Book Reviews
Ninja Librarian
Nobody Knows 
Nom Nom Tasty Books 
Nook of Books
Not Another Book Blog
Not Enough Bookshelves
Not-so-young-adult Librarian
Not Your Fairy Tale
Novel Affair, The 
Novel Novice
Novel Minded 
Novel Nerd, The
Novel Nerds 
Novel Nymph, The
Novel Paradise, A 
Novel Society
Novel Sounds
Novel Thoughts
Novels on the Run 

O'Boyled Books
Obsessions Of A Bookaholic
OCD about Books
Of Wonder and Dreams
Off My Bookshelf
Off The Shelf
Oh, For the Love of Books!
On Emily's Bookshelf
On The Nightstand
On The Shelf
Once Upon a Bookcase
Once Upon a Bookshelf
Once Upon a Prologue
Once Upon a Reading...
One Librarian's Book Reviews
One More Page
One Reader's Trash is Another Reader's Treasure
Oodles of Books
O.ops I Read That Book!
Opinionated? Me?
Overflowing Library, The
Overflowing Shelf
Owen's Book Blog
Owl Review A Book
O.W.L., The

Page Flipper, The
Page Sage, The
Page Turners
Pages & Pomegranates
Pages of Adventure
Pages Turned & Lessons Learned
Pages Unbound
Paging Through Life
Paige-Turner, The
Panda Reads
Paper Cuts
Paper Cuts
Paper Reader
Paperback Fantasies
Paperback Heart, The 
Paperback Princess, The
Paperback Princess, The
Paperback Treasures 
Paperbook Princess
Paranormal Book Fan
Paranormal Indulgence
Paranormal Night Owls 
Paranormal World And Reviews, The
Pass the Chiclets 
Passion for Books, A 
Passionate Bookworm, The
Patchwork of Books, A
Patricia's Particularity
Pawing Through Books
Penultimate Page
Perfect Herald, The
Perpetual Page-Turner, The
Persnickety Snark
Phantom Paragrapher, The
Pineapples & Pyjamas
Pirate Penguin's Reads
Place for Wicket Good Books, A
Planet Print
Pocket Full of Books, A
Poisoned Rationality
Pop Culture Junkie
Portrait of a Woman
Possession of Books
Potter, Percy, and I
Precious, My
Presenting Lenore
Pretty Books
Pretty in Fiction
Pretty Nifty (YA) Reader
Princess Bookie
Princess Pandoryss
Pure Imagination 
Pure Textuality

QT Book Worm
Queen of Teen Fiction, The
Quinn's Book Nook
Quirky Fate Press

Rachel Reads
Radiant Shadows
Raindrop Reflections
Rajiv's Reviews
Rambling Bookmarks
Rambling of a Book Nerd
Rambling Reader
Ramblings Of a Teenage Bookworm
Random Chalk Talk
Random Girl Book Blog
Random Reading Rants and Reviews
Rants N Scribbles
Rants, Writings, & Reviews of the Forever Young, The
Raving Reviewer
Re-Shelf, The
Read Between the Lines
Read It, See It
Read Me, Bookmark Me, Love Me 
Read 'n' Write
Read Now Sleep Later
Read This Book
Read What You Know
Read. Watch. Listen
Read. Write. Ramble. 
Reader Bee, The
Reader Girls, The
Reader with a Voice
Reader's Adventure, A
Reader's Heartstring, The
Reader's Pensieve, A 
Readers and Whiners
Readers GUYde, The
Readers Haven
Readers Unite
Reading A Little Bit Of Everything 
Reading Addict
Reading Angel
Reading Away The Days! 
Reading Between Classes
Reading by Moonlight
Reading Cause I'm Addicted 
Reading Date, The
Reading Daydreamer, A
Reading Fever, The
Reading Geek, The
Reading Girl (: , The 
Reading in Color
Reading in the Corner
Reading is Bliss
Reading is Endless 
Reading Obsession
Reading or Breathing
Reading Princess
Reading Rants! Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklist!
Reading Rocks
Reading Stands Forever
Reading Teen
Reading the Best of the Best
Reading Underground
Reading Vacation
Reading Wishes
Reading with ABC
Reading, Writing, and Waiting
Reading Writing Breathing Book Reviews 
Reading Zombies
Reading@Berkeley High
Readingjunky's Reading Roost
Readings of Benji 
Reads With Wreckless Abandon 
Readventurer, The 
Realm of Fiction
Reclusive Bibliophile
Redhead Heroines 
Reed Reads Book Reviews
Refracted Light | Young Adult Book Reviews
Relook the Book
Remarkable Reads
Remarkable Reads
Renu @ The Page Turner
Rest Is Still Unwritten, The
Resugo Reads
Review Diaries, The
Reviewer X
Reviewing Shelf
Reviewing What I'm Reading
Reviews News, The
Reviews of Young Adult Literature  
Rhiannon Hart: Young adult books and writing
Rhiannon Paille
Ricochet Reviews 
Ringo the Cat's Blog
RJ Does Books
Room With Books, A
Rosa's Book Blog
Ryan, the Librarian 
Ryning Books

Safari Poet
Sagacity Quest, The
Sarah's Point of View
Sarah's Random Musings
sarkslefay Book Reviews
Sash & Em
Sassymonkey Reads
Scholar Berry
Scribble by Moonlight
Scribbler in the Rye, The
Scribing Shadows
Secret Book Lover, The
Secret Life of an Avid Reader, The
Secret Life of a Bibliophile, The
Sea of Pages, A 
See Michelle Read
Serene Hours
Serpentine Library, The
Shadow Kisses Book Reviews
Shady Glade, The
Shae Carcar
Sharon Loves Books and Cats
Shelf Conscious Books
Shiirleyy's Bookshelf 
Short and Sweet
Shooting Stars Mag
Shut Up! I'm Reading
Simply Books
Sincerely, A Reader
Singing and Reading in the Rain
SisterSpooky: Book Fangirl
Sizzling Reads
Small Review
Snowdrop Dreams of Books
So Many Books, So Little Time
So Many Books, So Little Time
So Simply Sara
So You're a Fan of the YA...
Some Books and Coffee
Some Books and Coffee
Some Reading Required
Sophistikatied Reviews
Soul Sisters
Soul Unsung, A
Spark of Interest, A - Books for Teens 
Sparrow Review
Spine-Breaker's Club, The
Spine Chills 
Spines and Soles 
Splash of Our Worlds
Squeaky Books
Star Shadow
Starchild Review
Starting the Next Chapter
Steph: Short & Sweet
Steph's Stacks
Stiletto Storytime
Stop, Drop and Read!
Stories and Sweeties 
Story Inventory, The
Story Queen, The
Story Siren, The
Story Slinger
Story Snail, The
Storybook Escape
Storybound Girl
Straight From the Writer's Mouth
Strawberry Splash Book Reviews
Subtle Chronicler, The
Such A Teenage Bookworm 
Summer Books
Super Reader Girl's Book Reviews
Supernatural Bookworm
Supernatural Snark
Surreal & Sublime
Svarstymas Reviews
Sweet Bookshelf, The
Sweety Readers
Swords for Fighting

Tabithas' Book Blog
Tale of Many Reviews, A
Tales Compendium, The
Tales of a Ravenous Reader
Tales of a Teenage Bookaholic
Tales of a Teenage Book Lover
Tale of Many Reviews, A
Tapestry of Words, A
Tantalizing Illusions
Tarah Dunn
Tater's Tall Tails
Tattooed Books
Tay's Bookshelf
Tea Mouse
Teach 8 YA Book Blog
Teen Bibliophile, The
Teen Book Fanatics 
Teen Book Guru, The
Teen Bookworm, The
Teen Girl Reads
Teen Librarian's Toolbox
Teen Reader Queen, The
Teen Readers' Diary
Teen-sy Little Book Blog
Teens Know Best!
Teens Read?
Teens Read and Write
Teen Text Talk 
Ten Cent Notes
That Book Blog
That Bookish Girl
That Cover Girl
That Hapa Chick
That's Swell
{the} book/
The Here. The Now. And the Books!
There's A Book
This Blonde Reads 
{This Girl Reads}
This Purple Crayon
Thoughts of a Book Junky, The
Three Rivers Library Teens
Through the Looking Glass
Through the Wardrobe
Through Younger Eyes
Throwing Books
Ticket to Anywhere
Tiffany Reads
Tina's Book Reviews
Totally Bookalicious
Trailing Clouds of Glory
Treasured Tales for Young Adults
Truth Be Told 
Turn the Page
Turn the Last Page
Turning Pages 
Turning the Pages
TV and Book Addict
Twilight Book Junkie
Twisted Quill
Two Bibliomaniacs
Two Chicks On Books
Two Readers Reviews
Tynga's Reviews
Typing Tiara

Unabridged Bookshelf
Uncommon Nonsense, The
Unconventional Librarian, An
Under A Star Studded Sky
Under the Book Rainbow (YA)
Undercover Book Lover (Not Really), The
Unearthly Reviews.
Uniquely Moi Books
Untouchable Treasure
Up Side of Insanity, The
Urban Fantasy Land

Vampyre Gurls Book Club
Verb Vixen
Verbose Vegetarian, The 
Vicky's Volumes
Views & Reviews
Vintage Bookworm, The
Violet Hour, The
vvb32 reads
Vy's Blog

Wandering Fangirl, The
Want My YA
Watercolor Moods
We Fancy Books
We Heart YA
Welcome to my life...
Well-Read Reviews
What Bri Reads
What I Read Yesterday
What Miss Kelley Is Reading
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Whatever You Can Still Betray
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Why I YA
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Words and Whispers
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Words That Fly
Words World and Wings
Words on the Shelf 
World, My
World of Words, A
Worn Pages and Dusty Shelves
Write for a Reader
Write Obsession, The
Writing From the Tub
Writing Wonderland, The 
Written Rhapsody, A
Written World, The
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YA Bibliophile
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YA Fantasy Guide
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YA Librarian Tales
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YA Lit in 100 Words or Less
YA Litwit
Y.A. Love
YA Magic Pages
YA Overindulgence 
YA Reader, The
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YA Sweet Escape
YA Urban
YA, YA, YAs, The
YA Yeah Yeah
YA? Y Not?
YAkety YAks 
YAL Book Briefs
Yay! Reads
You Know What They Say About Book People? 
Young Adult 4 Life
Young Adult (& Kids) Books Central Blog
Young Adult Book Haven
Young Adult Book Reviews
Young Adult Book Reviews by Liz Winn
Young Adult Books You'll Love :)
Young Adult Connection, The 
Young Adult Critic
Young Adult Fiction Today
Young Adult Literature Lover
Young Adult Novel Reader
Young Readers
You Know You Want to Read It
You're Killing Me

Zealous Reader, The
Zoe's Book Reviews
Zoey's Uncreatively Titled Blog
Zone Out Mode

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