Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"What women think about" Prologue


This is one of the most important questions in the world. The answer to it is unknown not only to men but also to women themselves . What do women think about? What does a woman want to get from the world and from men? What does she strive for? This is a question the answer to which man has tried to get for centuries. Try to ask them: “What do you think about, what do you want?” First a woman will think a bit, since she doesn’t know the answer either. Then she will pile you with her desires., which we have always known, simply haven’t ever concentrated on .
Yes, the answer is quite simple. Men know it but they have never tried to think it over. It’s very easy to hear it but it’s hard to carry out. Their thoughts are accessible to us, men, we always hear them but try to ignore.
Now let’s talk about what women think about. Mostly they think about how to get the things they desire. There are a lot of ways to obtain these things, but the main way is to obtain them with the help of men. This book gives examples of women’s mentality and desires. Most readers might have come across such situations; lots of women will recognize themselves while reading the book.
Through simple scenarios you will get an idea of what women usually think about and how men can make their women happy; because on the whole men are eager to make their women happier.

I want to grow up in order to
I want to go to college (University) in order to
I want go for a walk in order to
I want to work in order to
I want to keep to diet in order to
I want to keep fit in order to
I browse the Internet in order to
I want to get married in order to
I want to speak on the phone order to
I want to go shopping in order to
I want to have a child in order to
I want to be in order to
Bonus: Give a woman a chance of fulfilling her wish

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