Saturday, October 31, 2015

Departure by A.G. Riddle

The book was mine - time travel, mystery.
On the way to London the plane crashes. The survives wait for the risque team, but it doesn't come. Nick gathers several teams to examine the area And here Nick realizes that something is wrong.
They aren't in the same time when they got on board. How did they travel through time? Why? Who is behind it?
Soon Nick and Harper discover that the passengers of the plane have been chosen. They are the key to what is going to happen a hundred years later, and they are the only ones who can make it change the course of the tragic happenings.
I really loved what A.G. Riddle created and highly recommend this book.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today you know

Since I remember myself, I know what the day – 24 April – means for my people. The day is marked as the day of Armenian Genocide, also known as the Armenian Holocaust (in Armenian Medz Yeghern) made by Ottoman Turkey.

In 1915, during the First War World, on 24th of April were brutally murdered 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople. That wasn’t going to be the end, nor to be the start. 1.500.000 people’s fates were already decide beforehand – kill because they were from other nation, kill because they were Armenians, kill because they were Christians. Women, children were marched to the Syrian desert, left without food and water, left to die in starvation, thirsty.

Today – 24 April 2015 – 100 years has passed since the devilish page of Armenian nation history. 100 anniversary, people marching to the Tsitsernakaberd – The Armenian Genocide Memorial – quiet, flowers in the hands, heads tilted. Air pressing over that place as if God himself is mourning with Armenian people’s lost. Low music playing, conveying the voice of the Armenian Genocide victims.
Today a lot of people from other countries have arrived to hear those voices, to offer their condolence to Armenians. Today Armenia is silent, remembering.
The Armenian Genocide has touched to every Armenian family. People running away from their homes, leaving their houses to the Turk murderers, Kurds thieves, and finding their new home in other countries. Nowadays there are more Armenians all over the world than in Armenia.

I’m myself have losses in the Armenian Genocide, my family is a victim of it. My homeland still remains in Turkey – Sassoun now in the Batman Province of Turkey. My great grandfather had to run from his homeland when he was only seven. He was the only one to survive, the rest of the family was murdered. He found his new home in Eastern Armenia.
I don’t ask you to recognize it, I don’t ask you to run to and fro and cry or demand anything, I say this for you to know what really happened. For you to get to know then something will change.
Today you know.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Not as strong as Among the Hidden

Three stars to this book.

Luke is at Hendricks school, alone, being first time out of his home so far. Of course hers confused and afraid. Firstly he didn't pay attention on anything, like that the school seems to be a prison - no windows, nobody leaves its walls for fresh air, the teacher seem not to care about the pupils at all.
What kind of mystery lies here?

Some parts of this book pissed me off, like Luke isn't a coward but he lets his roommate to hit him, that roommate makes Luke his servant and makes him to repeat the phrase for fifty times. There is not explicable reason for a brave kid to behave in this way.

I really expected more after reading the firs book from this series.

To every YA lover

I'll recommend this book to every YA lover. It was an interesting read.

In the future the Government has to adopt new low. Every woman can have only two children. The third and so on will be called shadow children - if the Government finds out about the third child, the child is going to be taken away from the family. I didn't quite understand where they took them, but I guess the Government gets rid of them - kills.

One of the shadow children is Luke. He's never been away from his family farm. And now the

Government wants houses instead of the farm. So Luke has nowhere to go out not to be seen. He has to live the rest of his life in his house.

But one day Luke notices another shadow child in the neighbor house. He bravely gets out of home one day and meets Jen - the third girl of the family living the next door.

Jen's family is rich. She has her own computer and she has a group of shadow children on the Internet who are ready to change the low. Will Luke help her with this mission? Will he achieve the freedom?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Variant (Variant #1)

I enjoyed this book.
From the beginning I had a vague feeling as though I was reading another version of The Maze Runner by James Dashner, because our main character - Benson - appears within four wall - high and unreachable. There are only teenagers all around him, living in peace like in The Maze. The supplies were sent to them again by an elevator.
I wanted to put aside it, but somehow went on reading. The meaning is different here.
Benson is orphan or so - his father is dead, his mother has left him. He's seventeen. Just several months and he's going to be eighteen and on his own. But he makes a big mistake by signing up for Maxfield Academy. Because with one way in, there is no way out.
All students are locked here. They receive the instruction on their mini computers by the mysterious people, who run the school. They have to study themselves - no teachers, no adults. But if anyone breaks the rules, or doesn't go to the class, or pick up a fight, he or she is going to be punished like having no food for a day or two, but the worst punishment is detention. Nobody has returned from the detention which means death.
Benson can't stay there for the rest of his life. He joins to the gang which members try to find the way out. The others seem to have given up.
On the other hand the school gives Benson what he hadn't before - friends, good food and love. It seems not bad to stay in the school for a while, but after what Benson discovers, he can't think about staying for another second.
Have they been testing? That's what all students think, but Benson find out the truth and now he knows, that there is something else in the school which has been testing, not the students. The students are only a bait.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Enter to WIN

A unique story for horror and fantasy lovers - Edge of End. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY to win one of the print or digital copies.

Jonathan wakes up in a desert, his past wiped from his head. He’s alone having no clue who and what he is, where he has come from and where he should go. There is only one way – forward when he spots a little town in the distance. 

Empty streets, old houses, the town seems abandoned. There’s no one to ask for help, there’s nowhere to go. Jonathan wanders the town in search of any sign of life trying to bring his lost memories back, but odd visions haunt him from time to time. Soon Jonathan comes to the realization that he’s moments from death as absolutely evil dwells in the town seeking fresh souls to suck up. The seemingly dead town is only outwardly empty. 

Grey skies, no sun, no days and no nights. The town is stuck in time. With only one entrance and one exit, but the way leading to the exit is filled with creations that Jonathan has never envisioned, even in his worst nightmares. 

Who is he? Who brought him here? With a female resident – Elizabeth, Jonathan has to work his way through the horrendous town, figure out his past and find the exit.

Favorite Quotes

"It was there, deep inside everyone, hope, repentance, regret. The feeling had possessed both Elizabeth and I even on the threshold of hell, on the edge of end."

"Rummaging around in my past wasn't going to bring me anything nor was it going to give me the answers." 

"I could tell something was wrong (everything was definitely wrong there, I mean something wrong in the already wrong thing)." 

"Your power is here," she put her hand on my heart. "It was always here, you just didn't realise it."

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Eye of Minds by James Dashner

What was this book about? It was like playing a computer game and it was like passing levels. I read James Dashner The Maze Runner and I was trilled to read more from this author, but I feel disappointed. Because I forced myself to turn pages of this one.
I noticed that the main character - Michael - was engulfed by darkness almost the half of the book. As he opened the door of the next level he stepped into the darkness. It irritated me.
As in The Maze Runner, in this book too, Michael was tested. The problem is you don't really get what he was tested for, not, not for what, but how. Yes, he passes difficult levels and reaches the end, but what exactly in him has been testing? Maybe I'll get the answer in the next book, but I don't think from what I read I'm going to pick up the next one.
I like James Dashner's writing and I'll check out more books from this author, but I'm going to give up on this series.
The VNS (it's something like the police of virtual world) asks Michael to help them to fins the virtual world terrorist named Kaine. Firstly you don't get why the agents want a teenager's help at all. That pushed me away from the story line. Michael keeps struggling yo find the terrorist. Why? Because he's brave? What braveness he shows if he is treated?
I guess I was reading a book like The Matrix mixed with Tron.