Saturday, December 27, 2014

To every YA lover

I'll recommend this book to every YA lover. It was an interesting read.

In the future the Government has to adopt new low. Every woman can have only two children. The third and so on will be called shadow children - if the Government finds out about the third child, the child is going to be taken away from the family. I didn't quite understand where they took them, but I guess the Government gets rid of them - kills.

One of the shadow children is Luke. He's never been away from his family farm. And now the

Government wants houses instead of the farm. So Luke has nowhere to go out not to be seen. He has to live the rest of his life in his house.

But one day Luke notices another shadow child in the neighbor house. He bravely gets out of home one day and meets Jen - the third girl of the family living the next door.

Jen's family is rich. She has her own computer and she has a group of shadow children on the Internet who are ready to change the low. Will Luke help her with this mission? Will he achieve the freedom?

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