Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Passion of an Angel - The life before Earth

A captivating and mystical, erotic story about the life before Earth. The first world was ideal, the first humans were immortal, everything was given to them to ensure a happy and endless future and life seemed to be going perfect. But there was a curious angel who changed the course of life.
To begin with, angels hadn't any feelings, they were cold, emotionless creatures wandering around the new world and examining the surroundings. But one of them learned to feel and to see the beauty of God’s creation and for that life, even the angel is surely ready to leave even Heaven.

"Passion of an Angel" is a short story and the beginning of the series called "Shade of Light", it takes part in the garden of Eden. The life is ideal here, but the creature can't be fit for that life when it thinks and has a free will.
"Shade of Light" by Suren Fant is a book series about the mystical and erotic world of angels and demons. The story begins in the garden of Eden, where the life started, it was perfect, the first humans were immortal. But there is a curious angel, who decides to be equal to God. He changes the course of life and because of that very angel a new system begins.
"Wrath of Michael" is another part of this series and about the war in Heaven. Lucifer gathers his army and attacks and plunders everything on his way. Michael-the first and the main archangel of God, with the other archangels and the dogs of Heaven chucks him out of Heaven.
The book "Godforsaken" is on its way to be published soon. The evidences take part in XXI century and around a young girl named Lily. She falls in love with a handsome and rich guy, who turns out an angel then. It is Samael, the outcast, being exiled both from Heaven and from Hell as well. But that outcast has found the only female hair of Eva, who threatens Heaven to fall before Lucifer's feet. The archangels have no choice but to trust too clever loner, the angel of deaf-Samael.

I hope you'll like "Shade of Light" series. "Passion of an Angel" is already available on book stores.

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