Monday, December 8, 2014

Variant (Variant #1)

I enjoyed this book.
From the beginning I had a vague feeling as though I was reading another version of The Maze Runner by James Dashner, because our main character - Benson - appears within four wall - high and unreachable. There are only teenagers all around him, living in peace like in The Maze. The supplies were sent to them again by an elevator.
I wanted to put aside it, but somehow went on reading. The meaning is different here.
Benson is orphan or so - his father is dead, his mother has left him. He's seventeen. Just several months and he's going to be eighteen and on his own. But he makes a big mistake by signing up for Maxfield Academy. Because with one way in, there is no way out.
All students are locked here. They receive the instruction on their mini computers by the mysterious people, who run the school. They have to study themselves - no teachers, no adults. But if anyone breaks the rules, or doesn't go to the class, or pick up a fight, he or she is going to be punished like having no food for a day or two, but the worst punishment is detention. Nobody has returned from the detention which means death.
Benson can't stay there for the rest of his life. He joins to the gang which members try to find the way out. The others seem to have given up.
On the other hand the school gives Benson what he hadn't before - friends, good food and love. It seems not bad to stay in the school for a while, but after what Benson discovers, he can't think about staying for another second.
Have they been testing? That's what all students think, but Benson find out the truth and now he knows, that there is something else in the school which has been testing, not the students. The students are only a bait.

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