Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Eye of Minds by James Dashner

What was this book about? It was like playing a computer game and it was like passing levels. I read James Dashner The Maze Runner and I was trilled to read more from this author, but I feel disappointed. Because I forced myself to turn pages of this one.
I noticed that the main character - Michael - was engulfed by darkness almost the half of the book. As he opened the door of the next level he stepped into the darkness. It irritated me.
As in The Maze Runner, in this book too, Michael was tested. The problem is you don't really get what he was tested for, not, not for what, but how. Yes, he passes difficult levels and reaches the end, but what exactly in him has been testing? Maybe I'll get the answer in the next book, but I don't think from what I read I'm going to pick up the next one.
I like James Dashner's writing and I'll check out more books from this author, but I'm going to give up on this series.
The VNS (it's something like the police of virtual world) asks Michael to help them to fins the virtual world terrorist named Kaine. Firstly you don't get why the agents want a teenager's help at all. That pushed me away from the story line. Michael keeps struggling yo find the terrorist. Why? Because he's brave? What braveness he shows if he is treated?
I guess I was reading a book like The Matrix mixed with Tron.

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