Thursday, May 30, 2013

Six Years

Firstly it's a very intriguing story and it keeps you intrigued almost all the time you're reading Six Years. It's written in a good easy language. But the end is a little simple, I can say, all in all I didn't expect such end. I think the end ruins the story.

Jake is  a college professor. He is in love with Natalie, but one day she just put everything aside and gets married. Six years pass and one day Jake finds out that Natalie's husband is murdered.
The things turn out that nobody knows Natalie as the wife of that man. Jake can't hold back, he's going to find her. After six years he still loves her. In search, Jake runs into a strange program called "Fresh Start". He knows that the answer is in this program, it is before his nose, but...

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