Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Godless-New fantasy story

My new book named "The Godless-Emancipated soul" is ready and will be published soon. Below you can find the cover of the book.

Okay, let me describe my new story. As I mentioned above it's a fantasy story full of actions and mystery. This story is about a young man-Aren, from wealthy family. As a rich man Aren likes to spend his time with his friends and in clubs, but he’s sleepless in nights. He sees strange dreams, feels inexplicable power inside of him and hears mystical voices.
Aren can’t ignore them and he begins to follow them. There is an Englishman named Jayson in his every dream. That’s here when Aren discovers his dreams are true, he meets the man from his dreams-Jayson in real life. After that Aren becomes the main target of people bearing inhuman power.
Leaving his wife, his father’s business, his friends, Aren has to run away. He’s absolutely alone against the powerful enemy and Jayson who longs to kill him.
Aren doesn't know why those people need in him, until he meets a man named Gabriel. The latter tells him all truth about the world, God, evil and their servants. Aren is told that the people hounding him aren’t usual ones, they are angels and devils and that Aren has something within which is needed by every one of them.
The actions turn over in our time in many countries of the world-In Russia, In Germany, in the USA, in Armenia and in England.

You will like the book if you like for instance "I'm number four" by Pittacus Lore or "The master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov.

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