Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The hunting of angels has begun

Everything's ready and I'm excited. My new novel "The Godless" is about to be released, the book I worked on about 4 years. It's a strong story filled with action, supernatural power, love and also passion.
Hero can't be perfect, sometimes world needs a cruel one. In the upcoming war between unearthly creatures the planet Earth needs exactly such hero-cruel, cold and smart. It needs to summon the lord of old era back to life who will, most probably, protect life.
The actions of the book take place in XXI century and around a young man from wealthy family. The main character of the book-Aren, can't resist the strangeness woken up inside him. But as much he gives thought as many questions grow. He fills inhuman power flowing in his veins, power that a lot of people would give their souls to Satan to have it. But every power brings problems with it which have to be worked out.
On the way finding the answers Aren, abruptly finds himself in the middle of a hidden world. He comes to be the center of every unearthly creature's aspiration, but the answer of the question 'why' remains unattainable. Aren has to say good-bye to his previous life-filled with wealth, love and friendship, and escape. Trying to save his beloved Aren discovers the mystery which has been hidden from humanity almost from time immemorial.

I guess, this is my best idea of book I've ever had. That's why I didn't rush the things and patiently waited to get a publisher and a good editor. I believe I've found them.

The book will be released on 25th of February.

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