Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wrath of Michael - Shade of Light

Congratulate me. My second book of "Shade of Light" series is already available and the readers who liked it can easy get it now.
This is a continuation of the captivating and mystical story “Passion of an Angel”. Time has passed since the first humans were banished from Garden of Eden onto Earth to create their own fate and they were given two choices - one from Heaven and the other from Hell. But the angel who has changed the course of life isn’t going to stop here. For him, it isn’t enough to seize life on Earth and he craves more. The love he once had for Eva has transformed into revenge to bring Heaven down. 
The head archangel realizes very well that the army of Heaven isn’t so mighty to stop the attack of the fallen ones. In search of a way out the help comes to the archangel from the most unexpected fallen angel.
There is no avoiding the impending war taking place at the gates of Heaven, but there is a single chance to defeat the army of fallen ones and the head archangel strongly seizes the opportunity.

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