Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Beneath Blackened Clouds

I'm happy to say that my new novel is released. Thanks to "Solstice Horizons" publisher for supporting and believing in me.
Okay, now a little about the book. It's a dark story about Second Flood filled with evil. The endless rain has come to destroy the whole civilization and grab people's souls into Dark World. There seemingly is not any chance to survive, but there is a young man-Daniel, who begins to feel an unnatural strengths within. He has somebody to struggle for-his beloved-Milena. And for her he is ready to give his soul to the dark strengths.
Daniel with his girlfriend Milena, and his friend Edward seek out the high ground as they wait for the waters to recede. But the evil wandering within the waters has other plans for them.
This is a very intriguing story filled with love, passion, horror and fighting against evil. I really hope you'll like my work.


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