Saturday, May 31, 2014

Abducted by T.R. Ragan - Reviewed

When I picked up this book I was expecting something new, but instead I found disappointments. First, I had a strange sensation that the FBI agents in this book look stupid idiots. They are agents who protect the president of The United States, how could they behave like they were described in this book. And they are FBI agents, Federal, and as far as I know those agents don't wast time to find killers or any swindler if that person doesn't mean any danger to the nation, to the country. This is the job of detectives and the police.
But, let's put all these aside. The story flows, though there were chapters dragging you far away from the main story. We deal with a serial killer, who, being a doctor becomes smarter than any agent. It's some kind of unbelievable thing.
After being kidnapped an then happening to escape, Lizzy tries to get flow among the normal life, but the horrible things she was through don't let her. She still dreams about the monster abducted her, the hideous things he did to her. And now, after 14 years he's back. He wants revenge because Lizzy managed to escape.
Now Lizzy has to go through the same again, but this time her beloved Jared is beside her. She fells a little protected and she's determined to put the end of her fear once and for all.

Sometimes the chapters end at the very interesting moment, like I was through a Latino serial, and then the next one started somewhere far. This irritated me, but I kept reading as I usually don't put books aside until it's done.

This is only my opinion. This book has got a lot of good reviews, and it still may be a good one for other readers. But I know one strong thing - not any writer can write something related to real life, it's very hard as it's impossible to know everything about real life. Real life doesn't flow like a Hollywood movie.

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