Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Fog - If you want something different

I found something which is worth to read - story which isn't like the others. There are a lot of books nowadays with the same meaning surrounded by different heroes. The fog wasn't like them.

Here we get in the story with an earthquake taking place in a little village. From the cracks on the ground rise yellowish fog, outwardly not dangerous, but it has intended to kill, the most dangerous enemy of mankind comes out from under the ground.

Nobody realizes that at first and the fog travels over England bringing death. Everybody who breathes it, becomes insane, there is something in the fog which is able to change human's brain and makes people to kill their beloved, family members, even commit suicide. And no camouflage can protect you against the fog.

Very good read, interesting one. The annoying moment was that you could read and learn almost one character's whole life and then that person just died, get killed or committed suicide.

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