Monday, February 20, 2012

New review for "The Godless"

By Sarah Baethge "22niel"

Ever thought, perhaps, that your life is more important than it seems? Have you ever found yourself able to do something that up until that point you had deemed impossible? In The Godless: Mystery of the World by Suren Fant, the main character Aren finds by accident that he can will himself to heal at an incredible rate. When driving while high results in a deadly car crash, his doctors are at a loss to explain how he is quickly perfectly healed without even a scar. Through several more incidents, Aren discovers that when he's under the influence, he can cause supernatural happenings to occur. 
Eventually Aren discovers that is amazing powers require no outside substances to occur. This is probably good as he finds himself now followed, even hunted, by beings with undeniable forces similar to his own. Beings with a disturbing amount of knowledge of what is happening that have a huge mistrust for Aren's growing powers.

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