Saturday, September 15, 2012

This time there will not be a second chance

I was working at my book "Under the Black Clouds" about 1 year. Now the work is over and it's ready to be published.

This is a fantasy story about the second flooding which has suddenly made its way to the whole world. The hero of the book - Daniel is trying to survive and to protect his girlfriend. With his best friend Edward they seek out high ground as they wait for the waters to recede. But they don't realize what is including that rainwater. However, as time passes, Daniel begins to understand that there is something strange in it, an evil entity. He senses it, he feels it from within. Daniel knows that mankind is doomed. Evil has come with the rain, come for their souls. There is only one way to survive and only Daniel and Milena know what it is.

The story filled by love, passion, fights and salvation will be reachable in a month. But you can read the first chapter here.


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