Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gone by Michael Grant - Psycho kids

 3 stars from 5

A lot of psycho children are gathered in one place bordered by a big sphere - going high into the sky and deep into the ground :)
I was really involved in this story. The beginning was too attracting, indeed. It begins with disappearance of anybody who is 15 and up. Kids remain alone in the town.
Everybody hopes Sam is in charge, but he thinks against it. Some other kid coming down from an other school take everything under his wing and runs the town. But soon Sam realizes that guy - Chaine - hasn't shown his true color.
Almost every kid gets possessed by supernatural power, one can disappear and reappear, raise thing into the air, run too fast and else.
I don't think this book suits to teenagers under 18, because, in case the most kids are 14 and 13 years old, there is too much cruelty in this book.
The part I dislike is that the disappearance of adults wasn't the main act around which the happenings take place, it causes the kids separate into two parts and begin war, war with supernatural powers.

If there are pictured Sam and Astrid on the cover, then I have to confess that they don't even come close to 14 years old kids, I see two grown up young male and female.

All in all I liked some part of this book. Still in the middle I was eager to read on.

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