Sunday, May 4, 2014

One entrance, One exit

What I’m going to say sounds crazy, but what is life without craziness? Life. Probably you won’t believe me, but this very story happened to me.
I woke up a new man; I’d been reborn, before me a new fate with only the black of nothingness behind. I had no memory, only the void of emptiness that lay ahead. Ask yourself, what would you do? 
Don’t ask me who, or what, I was. I can’t remember—not through my own memories anyway. I had, in fact, uncovered my past, but that isn't important. I am a different man now. Be patient as I unfold my journey for you, staring from the moment of my awakening.
Standing in the middle confused, looking around I decided to move forward. Rummaging around in my past wasn't going to bring me anything nor was it going to give me the answers.
Some will say my story is crazy, most of you won’t believe, but this story must be told.
Before I start I have to say one thing – this story has changed my whole life.

Edge of End - a horror and fantasy novel coming soon.

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