Friday, April 11, 2014

The Death Cure

The plot of the book wasn't what I expected. The reading is interesting and fast, but the questions remained unanswered.
Not a sign about Thomas's past, none of them. I didn't get the idea of the Maze itself, why did WICKED need the tastes taking place in the Maze. Yes, there was written tastes to scan human's brain, but what exactly, why? It made me believe that the first book The Maze Runner had nothing to do with the other two, as if the author created the first book then somehow tried to connect it to the others.
I like James' writing, it's easy to read, keeps you intrigued. Every each of the books from this series is interesting separately, but they don't come together, something's missing, something too strong.
I hope I'll read from Dashner better stories in future.

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