Monday, April 7, 2014

The Scorch Trials

If you want a big journey, this is for you then. But the ones who have already read the first book The Maze Runner, this book will give you no answers, just will let you with more questions.
In this book I lost the connection with the Maze and the first book, as though I was reading almost completely other story by James Dashner.
Okay, what I didn't get. First: why the other Gladers helped Thomas and carried him when he was shot while they hadn't care about the others (which names lies unknown as the author preferred not to name them), maybe from time to time only Thomas cared, he helped Winston, who, by the way, got lost from the story in the storm. I think he was one of the main characters as author gave him a name and he shouldn't have died, or moved out of the story likewise. But, this is not me to decide, if James thinks so, then...
The other part I was waiting and waiting for and haven't given, was when Thomas lost his friends in the underground, he could just connected with Aris by his mind, couldn't he? But he didn't.
On the other hand the book flows fine, it's easy to read and keeps you intrigued even with the issues I've found for myself. Though the book leaves you there, where you should pick up the next one - the third book - hopefully to get the answers.

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