Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Giver - Reviewed

Imagining the world without feelings is creepy, a tremor runs through the whole body. People are like zombies, programmed robots - to eat, to sleep and to work.
The world becomes black and white, but Jonas, from time to time, sees colors. He doesn't know what the color is until he's selected as A Memory Receiver. The previous Memory Holder (The Giver) gives him his memories and feelings and Jonas realizes how large the world is, how many things have been taken away from people. He loves the feelings and wants to pass them to the others, to open their eyes.

What makes me to rate this book 3 stars. You find yourself in a world of future, in a community without the real life, but you end up in the same world in the end. It's interesting passing through the feelings with Jonas, but it wasn't enough as the story ends in the most interesting moment. You want more, you want to know what lies ahead, whether the people of community have received the feelings and began to see the real world.

I know, a lot of readers like it, because the book is written to well, the description of the feelings was amazing, but the real actions were missing.

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