Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Slow Burn - Slow Flow

I think zombi-lovers can find the idea of this book interesting. As it starts you're already in the full story. Though I could say the first chapter runs too fast and the happening take place faster than I expected.
Zed goes to his mother's place and finds his stepdad eating his mother. Then he attacks Zed and bites him, but the interesting flow of this story is that Zed doesn't turn into zombi, he's some kind of immune. I can't say for sure, as the first book doesn't bring me a clue who Zed has turned. And then everything begins as in every zombi-story - the disease starts spreading and fast.
What I didn't like is the flow and the style of writing. It's my own opinion, you may like Bobby Adair's pen.
And the disappointment was that I didn't find any answer in the first book, like it was unfinished, just cut in the middle and parted into two books. Author gives you clue what he's going to tell you, what kind of questions he's going to put before you, but the answers can be find nowhere. Maybe in the next books. That's why I rate it 3 stars.
Have a nice read.

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