Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Passion of an Angel reviewed by Bridgett

This was an interesting short story. I think it is safe to say, that almost every one should know the story of creation, regardless of what religion you practice, if any at all. God creates Earth. God creates man. Man is lonely. God creates woman. Woman brings sin. Man and woman are cast out of the Garden. Simple enough, right? 

Passion of an Angel offers a new perspective to this story of creation. I think Suren Fant did a great job with creating a reason why Eve chose to eat that apple. She knew it was a message from the angel she loved, who she couldn't live without. The perspective of Lucifer falling in love with Eve is interesting. Does Lucifer really truly love Eve? Or would this be the way in which Lucifer finds his way into the "human's" heart for all time?

The story is a pretty quick read. The writing is beautiful, the words that are chosen to describe the Garden, man and woman, fit perfectly. I think that Suren Fant did a good job at showing the different personas of each angel, how angels were supposed to not feel, or question. The conflict was apparent within Lucifer, so it is easy to see where future stories will go within this little series. 

If you want a quick read, and a new perspective, this would be a good story.

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