Thursday, May 22, 2014

Stone Guardian - 4 stars

Several realms find their way to be tied up together and Earth becomes the place to be shared by a lot of unusual guests. Human has to make cities apart this creatures.
I liked the story but I really didn't get what the purpose of the author was - this fantasy story or the sexual relationship between a human female and a gargoyle.
We start our journey from the day of Great Collision when the other realms come together. There was born a girl in that moment - Larissa, who becomes a key for necromancers to do their bad job.
Of course we couldn't go far without an oracle and of course it is female. She sees the oncoming trouble and sends the gargoyle Clan leader to protect Larissa. Maybe he looks unusual, not as nice and hot as Brad Pitt in his young ages, but he becomes Larissa's dream.
What you can expect from this story? Fighting, magic, fantasy, love and sex. It was very well written.

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